Pricing, Sales Tax & Shipping

The pricing for originals of my work will be based on the size of the piece, the difficulty of creating the piece in both time and effort, and significantly extra time spent to modify a piece at the request of a buyer or for a commission piece requiring modification at completion.

I will be happy to quote the price for any size image in which you have interest in purchasing or have me create on a commission basis.

Sales for delivery within California will have the state sales tax added to the invoiced retail price.

Shipping, handling and insurance are paid for by the buyer.


Commission Work

I love doing commission work and, fortunately, I do a considerable amount of commission work throughout the year.

I am pleased to discuss dimensions and pricing with you for any specific image you would like me to paint for you in either plein air or in my studio.  The buyer is always welcome to show me a specific location/scene to paint [direct me there or show me personally], accompany me while I paint on site, or watch me create the image in my studio.

I work closely with my commission clients…conducting dialogue throughout the process, providing updates and images of my progress.  Video recording of the process is often, but not always employed.  


Giclées & Limited Editions

Nearly all the images I have created over the years have been photographed; many by the use of high resolution RAW digital photography.  As a result, each of these high resolution images can be recreated as a Giclée in any size with incredible clarity.  This allows one to find any space and fill it…from a postage stamp size piece to a billboard size piece.  Giclées can be created on canvas, watercolor paper or photo paper.

The name Giclée was coined in 1991.  Inkjet printers are employed by the printing companies creating Giclée prints and employ “nozzles” to spray ink.  Some of the best watercolor and art papers are made in France.  French for “nozzle,” is gicleur.  French for “spraying,” is gicler.  Giclée is the feminine form of gicler and was created as a derivative of the similar terms.  Now you know!

Generally, I will not have Giclées produced until the original painting has been sold or I have determined to retain the original in my Personal Library.  Pricing of Giclées will be less than the cost of the original piece and the price will also vary based on the media on which it is printed, the size and whether it is part of a series of prints such as a Limited Edition.

Limited Editions will have an established maximum number of prints, more often than not, limited to quantities of 25, 50 or 100.

Pink Paint Splash

Embellished Giclées — “One of a Kind”

Many times collectors of Giclée art would like to have not only a Giclée but an “embellished” Giclée.  In such a case, I will apply paints of the same or different color to various parts of a canvas Giclée image to embellish the piece.  It technically then becomes a “one of a kind” piece of art; not unlike an original work.

I will produce a one-off Embellished Giclée at the request of a buyer for a cost to be determine at the time of purchase.  Limited Edition Embellished Giclées will have an established maximum number of prints, more often than not, limited to quantities of 25, 50 or 100.



Framing is included with most smaller size original works…usually a simple Plein Air frame or wood Floater Frame; ready to hang.

Larger pieces, with 1 ½ to 2 inch [or larger] wrapped edges, are not framed but I normally paint on the edges to “complete the painted image” all the way around the mounted canvas [ready to hang].  The painted image around the edges adds depth and angularity to the scene.


Rights of Reproduction and Copyrights

All images [Work/s] created by Bill Gittins, either as preliminary design/s or incidental work/s made in creation of original Work/s, the original work/s themselves or reproduction format, are under Copyright and are the property of the artist.  Reproduction, in any form, of any such images under Copyright created by Bill Gittins, without the prior written permission of Bill Gittins, is unauthorized and in violation of United States Copyright laws.

Call 707-527-0357 or email me to discuss a piece you have an interest in and to discuss commission work.

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